[Eng Sub] Chuen Cheewaa | THAILAKORN 2016 EP.10 [ON AIR]

Title: [Eng Sub] Chuen Cheewaa– THAILAKORN 2016 EP 9
Genre: Romance, Drama, Period, Remake
Channel : CH7
Air time: WEB-THU | Air – Sep 8, 2016
Chivas Royal Piti embracing her daughter, who was pregnant immigrants escaped from Chainat a railing. Back a few years ago. Chivas love with the beautiful daughter. Al., Ryan, Schwalbach Commissioner handsome recently stationed at Nat. He loved her so much that could restrain the pair have a deep relationship with each other. M. In. Ryan embarrassment when his father and mother to come back home to prepare Kanda married couple nobility he had dated before Nat. Ryan knows that parents are happy to have her as a daughter. He did not want to fool Chihuahua told her about Kanda. And the need to marry her. Chivas sorry, but allow him to marry Uganda not to be angry with her husband, mother and father because she loved him so much. Chivas is very sweet, vulnerable look optimistic. She hopes Ryan. She explained to the parents and Kanda admitted she had in one day.
M. In. Ryan Kanda married but did not dare tell Chihuahua. Nat when he returned to be with Chivas. Time passed until Kanda daughter. Soon Chivas conceived it. Not before Ryan will handle matters carefully Kanda was about Chivas. She was even more angry when he saw a Chihuahua in your wallet, Ryan. Kanda Kanda admitted that she was very afraid that her husband would leave her with Chivas. She would not Kanda planned libel Chivas scoreboards. So Ryan mistaken Chivas adultery. And her baby was the child of another man. Ryan’s insane jealousy as he argued with severe bleaching. The accusations of infidelity that she gave Chivas gutted. Kanda rumors and defamatory Chivas Royal embracing Piti tries to explain to his son, but the understanding. Al., Ryan, and I do not know anything. He took my daughter away from embracing Piti Nat simply used a new life in Rangsit. The name was changed to the audience Daughter Choice After the birth Chivas Choice birth or daughter looks lovely. Watch named as favorite….
[Eng Sub] Chuen Cheewaa – THAILAKORN 2016 EP.10 CH7 FULL SD

[Eng Sub] Chuen Cheewaa – THAILAKORN 2016 EP.10 CH7 FULL HD

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