[Eng Sub] Duang Jai Pisut CH3| THAI LAKORN 2016 EP.8[ON AIR]

English title: [Eng Sub] Duang Jai Pisut| THAI LAKORN 2016 EP.8 [ON AIR]
Airing Date: Sep 15, 2016 — On Air
Genre: Action, Historical, Romance, Drama
The Whig or a boy bear cub born in the warm love of the Father and Mother of Abbot Tada but whose father was a diplomat, it is necessary to be stationed in South Africa. Everyone has a social upheaval and epidemics. The couple decided to leave the cub with her grandmother, mother and Chinamasa or elephants. Ready to take care of his grandchildren his superhero. Full of love and attention. Makes children feel lonely when not bear to be away from their parents. Cubs get damaged freedom to say and do what you think is right. Make a child happy, intelligent, cheerful, optimistic, good. A gentle soul I dare say that some ideas are so bold combination of cunning child known to survive. Creating a headache for the elephants, who are not familiar with the care of children. I have consulted with Jim rush or cane, sweet man I love the camaraderie that comes from a student.
[Eng Sub] Duang Jai Pisut | THAI LAKORN 2016 EP.8

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