[Eng Sub] Pleng Ruk Jahk Chun – Padiwarada THAI LAKORN 2016 | James Jirayu & Bella Ranee

[Eng Sub] Pleng Ruk Jahk Chun – Padiwarada THAI LAKORN 2016 | James Jirayu & Bella Ranee
English title: Beloved Loyal Wife
Starring: James Jirayu & Bella Ranee
Airing Date: This Lakorn will start to air on January 13th 2016.
It’s scheduled to be broadcasted in the Wednesday/Thursday-slot of CH3 (2 Eps per week).
Synopsis: When two families agreed to marry their children once they become adults,
they would never have assumed what troubles would come with this promise.
It’s not their real daughter that has to enter this promised marriage but their adopted daughter Rin,
who has to step in to save her sister from this loveless marriage.
What will happen when she meets her husband?

[Eng Sub] OST ทุกอณูหัวใจ / Took Anoo Hua Jai (Every Molecule of My Heart) by James Jirayu: Beloved Loyal Wife

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OST เพลงรักจากฉัน / Pleng Ruk Jahk Chun (A Love Song From Me) by Beau Sunita: Beloved Loyal Wife

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Lyric: ต่อให้ดวงตะวันทอดทิ้งขอบฟ้า
Dtor hai duang dtawun taut ting kaup fah
Even though the sun abandons the sky
Yahm kum keun radtree rai dao kahng jun
When the night is without the moon
Dtae bproht roo tur yung mee krai kahng gun
Please know that you still have someone beside you
Nai took wun mai jahk bpai nai
Every day, never leaving anywhere

Soot glin haum dtaung lom aht jahng jeut hai
Every fragrance must be blown away
ดอกไม้งามเพียงใดร่วงโรย สักวัน
Dauk mai ngahm piang dai ruam roy suk wun
However pretty a flower is, it will wilt one day
Dtae kwahm ruk kaung chun tee mee hai gun
But the love that I have for you
ไม่แปรผัน ไม่เคยน้อยลง
Mai bprae pun maikoey noy long
Is unchanging and will never lessen

(*) เป็นเงาเฝ้าเคียงหัวใจ
Bpen ngao fao kiang hua jai
It’s a shadow beside your heart
Bpen meu glai goom kahng gun
It’s the hand holding yours beside you
Nee keu pleng ruk jahk chun
This is the love song from me
Yum hai tur fung dtalaut bpai
Repeating so you can hear it forever

(**) ต่อให้ในทะเลไม่เหลือหยดน้ำ
Dtor hai nai talay mai leua yot num
Even if the sea didn’t have any water left
ท้องฟ้าครามกลายเป็นเมฆดำ มืดหม่น
Taung fah krahm glai bpen mek dum meut mon
And the indigo sky darkened with black clouds
Dtae jum wai tur yung mee chun tung kon
Remember that you still have me
Tee ruk tur maikoey bplain bpai
And that my love for you will never change
(หนึ่งความรักของฉันไม่แปรผันไป เป็นเงาหัวใจเธอตลอดกาล)
(Neung kwahm ruk kaung chun mai bprae pun bpai bpen ngao hua jai tur dtalaut gahn)
(My one love is unchanging, it’s the shadow of your heart forever)



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